Bryan & Michelle


We have a passion for creativity and having fun while we’re at it!

Through sharing and receiving inspiration, we’re super excited to build a strong collective of like minded individuals, dedicated to creating positive change! And liking our art of course ;P

We put a lot of heart into everything we do, something we hope you will feel apart of and relate to.

Bryan Belanger

“In grade one I got a writing assignment, but instead I drew the whole thing. Art has always been my communication method of choice.

I came out of the womb making art and hit the ground drawing ever since. I’ve been in fancy shows, in fancy galleries, but my real passion is connecting with real people and inspiring ideas with my art. Caught in Candy is exciting for me because I have the chance to find like minded people all over the world online and instill the Make Share Care principles into my practice. I’m excited to share the love/art/money/energy with you and the causes that inspire my work to begin with! The crudely drawn circle of life!

Michelle Rogers

“Since my younger years I wanted to be an artist and a fashion designer. I would stay up to the wee hours, painting or sewing new outfits. In college I studied fashion business and worked in the Toronto fashion industry. I love traveling, healthy lifestyle, art, music and fashion. To me, Caught in Candy is bringing all of these things into one amazing package! A community of all things imaginative, inspiring and forward thinking.”