Noodle Charming Tefa Turtle Art Prints

  • $20.00

Tefa Turtle is a guardian of the earth does everything he can to help his friends in South America.


Noodle Charmers use extraordinary feats of charm and wonderment, this band of buskers transform everyday noodles into their favorite foods and for good reason.  They believe good food equals good ideas, we all benefit from the proper nutrition we need to fuel creativity.  Because we can't thrive off of noodles alone, these nomadic animals raise money and awareness for community gardens, helping at the root cause of food insecurity.

Caught in Candy Collective Presents:
Original NOODLE CHARMER© Design: Turtle (copyright 2016)
Museum-quality posters made on thick, durable, acid-free matte paper or canvas with archival ink. 
A % of proceeds is invested in fighting food insecurity(see website & facebook for details)