“In grade one I got a writing assignment, but instead of writing I drew my story. Art has always been my main method of communication my entire life."

-Bryan Belanger – CCC founder. artist, coffee endued mad man

Bryan Belanger is an multidisiplanary artist living and working out of Toronto  Canada. He's been in shows around the world but his passion is connecting with people and himself through many forms of art from illustration, painting, music, acting and dancing. He love it all and both being inspired by people and inspiring them back. 

When you purchase apparel, art prints and originals, a percentage of the proceeds go to organizations that are making a difference in making the world a better place.

Caught in Candy is exciting for me because I have the chance to find like minded people all over the world online and instill the Make Share Care principles into my practice. I’m excited to share the love with you and the causes that inspire my work to begin with because circulating good energy is where it’s at!

We’re all caught in this candy called life together, let’s stick together and make the world all the sweeter!

*A% of profits of all products at every month’s end will be donated after expenditures and we’ll share our collective efforts with you on social media.

Find me on Social media with any questions, criticisms or support!