Custom Original Noodle Art, Colour Prints and T's

  • $120.00

Original Noodle Charmer of your own! 

Note- Originals may have white paint to cover up mistakes...because I'm not perfect, OK?

1) Select the size of your original B&W ink on paper Noodle Charmer. (Any larger commissions please contact me directly for a quote)  

2) Decide if it's B&W or if you want a coloured print with it (all originals will be B&W ink) 

3) Select if you want it just for yourself of if you'll allow me to sell it on my page (at my disclosure)

4) If you want it on a T shirt or not (American Apparel colour and style of your choice) 

5) Write and tell me what you want in your original art! 

 Add a T-shirt of your commission for $20

Free Shipping for Orders over $200